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    • american food ATD and its impact on the Egyptian economy 

      moustapha, Mohamed samir (The Institute Of National Planning., 1982)
      In the early 1950s U.S. Fawners were calling for stockinette to be done with the huge agree-surpluses threatening their incomes, These surpluses represented a terrible dilemma. The farm lobby would not allow the to be put ...
    • the economic reform policies and their impacts on the balance of payments adjustment in Egypt 

      khalifa, magdi (The institute of national planning., 1998-12)
      The Egyptian economy is undergoing comprehensive economic reforms , the Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Program (ERSAP) was formulated in November 1989 , but the actual implementation began in March 1990.
    • government policies and the labour market in Egypt 

      korayem, karima (The Institute Of National Planning., 1984-02)
      The objective of this paper is twofold. First, to find out the government policies that have had an impact on the la-bur market ; and second , to examine these impacts by analyzing the development in the levels and Structures ...
    • an integrated frame - work for experimental investigation by simulation models 

      khorshid, motaz (The Institute Of National Planning., 1984-01)
      The use of computer simulation technique to conduct artificial experiments on numerical models of' complex systems, is an increasingly important tool in many disciplines today. Computer simulation offers many features that ...
    • a new approach for pricing agricultural land in egypt considering policy reforms and environmental concepts 

      nagwan s. abd el wahab. (the institute of national planning, 1998-06-01)
      In March 1990, the Egyptian government launched a comprehensive economic and social reform program, to strengthen Egypt’s ongoing adjustment program; it constitutes a major break from central planning and state ownership ...
    • new urban centers in the rid zones the case of the south region of Egypt 

      bassiouni, mohamed salah (The Institute Of National Planning., 1983-04)
      The arid zones are commanding attention today. The world has begun to realize the vast mineral wealth and the enormous solar energy potential they contain. Many see the arid lands and deserts as the world's last great ...
    • on the duplication system with repair and preventive maintenance 

      mohamed, yousif nasr aldin (the institute of national planning, 1975-10)
      two policies for inspection have been considered. in policy i, the operative unit undergoes inspection when its inspection time comes, only if the other unit is in standby state, which will continue the job of the main unit
    • the policy of retail price stability 

      sova, vaclav (the institute of national planning, 1977-02)
      economic policy of the socialist state is characterized by effort to maintain the stable level of retail prices. this policy is based not only on economic argument connected with the problem of inflation, but also on ...
    • socioeconomic aspects of economic reform policies in egypt 

      khalifa, magdi (The Institute Of National Planning., 1996-07)
      Reform initiatives in developing countries have typically taken one of two forms: repeated attempts to improve the existing system of planning and management or moving towards a market oriented system. The latter group of ...
    • the use of the policy analysis matrix in agricultural policy analysis : a case study of crop rotations in egypt 

      aboul enein, soheir I. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1994-07)
      The increase in interest in policy analysis in recent years has arisen from the serious economic problems that faced Egypt over the past decade. These problems include severe indebtedness, acute balance of payments deficits, ...

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