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  • Planning and Necessary Changes 

    Abdel Moula, El-sayed (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1973-03-01)
    Planning of national development has become widespread: all the third world countries, since the second world war and since the achievement of independence.
  • Economic and Statistical Consideration in the Formulation f Engle Curve 

    El-Giballi, Azza (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1972-10-01)
    One of the basic results to be derived from an analysis of family budget data is the relationship between expenditure on a particular item and income. This relationship is generally termed an Engel Curve
  • Workshop on: Human Settlements in New Lands: Their Design and Development 

    Hassouna, Wafic Ashraf (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1972-05-01)
    In introducing the workshop topic concerning the means of implementing the design of new settlement, their organization and administration. Their are two questions: 1- The problem of selecting the appropriate organizational ...
  • The Impact of Small and Large Numbers oh Children on the Health and Welfare of Individual Families 

    Hassouna, Wafic Ashraf (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1972-05-01)
    The aim of this paper and the aim of other micro studies for this conference is to provide some new factual. Insights into the under-standing of the relationship of family size, goals, and achievements to family aspirations ...
  • Health Services Marketing 

    Bessada, R. Sh. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1972-02-01)
    During more than 60 years in which marketing has been studied seriously in universities, research institutions, business enterprises and government agencies, researchers have gradually clipped away our ignorance about the ...

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Institute of National Planning (INP) was established by Law No. 231 of 1960 as a think-tank public institution with an independent legal personality to enhance the theory and practice of planning in Egypt through: research, training and educational activities. Also, INP aims at providing technical support to Ministry of Planning, as well as to all national ministers and institutions, through spreading a culture of planning in Egyptian society.

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