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dc.contributor.authorhansem, bent
dc.description.abstractthe physical volume of production of a sector has to be measured by means of a production index ,depending upon how the concept of production is defined, a production index may be an output -index or a real value added-index .en_US
dc.publisherthe institute of national planningen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesExternal notes;163
dc.titleoutput-productivity and value added productivityen_US

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Institute of National Planning (INP) was established by Law No. 231 of 1960 as a think-tank public institution with an independent legal personality to enhance the theory and practice of planning in Egypt through: research, training and educational activities. Also, INP aims at providing technical support to Ministry of Planning, as well as to all national ministers and institutions, through spreading a culture of planning in Egyptian society.

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