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    • labor migration and its impact on Egyptian labor market 

      arman, ismail M. I. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1983-12)
      Traditional migration theory postulate that an individual's decision to migrate from his original residential location to new and possibily distant place is based on a comparison of economic attributes characterizing the ...
    • leadership and attitude formation on egypt,s modernization 

      elahwal, abdel karim (the institute of national planning, 1975-10)
      constraints of societal modernization were studied at both institutional level. articulated as foreign involvement in conflicts, and the personality viewed as a system of behaviour ,studied within the limited context of ...

      Saaty, T. L. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1964-01-05)
      in recent years, burgeoning technology has imposed its heavy demands on mathematics to provide tools and methods to formulate and solve a large and varies number of problems. even in pure mathematics one finds an adaptation ...
    • lectures on: Cobol programming language 

      El-daoushy, Abdalla (1984-03)
      These lectures deal with the cobol language, the common business oriented language. A language designed for use in business applications. Cobol is in fact the most widely used language in computer world today. It is ...
    • liquidity preference and capital-formation in under-development 

      kazgan, gulten (The Institute Of National Planning., 1962-08-24)
      the basic economic and social features of under-developed countries, presumably, favor the holding of assests and commodities under the speculative motive in expectation of an easy gain and high profitability.thus the high ...
    • List of publications issued by the I.N.P.C. 

      the technical office. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-06-01)
      the institution of national planning has adopted a temporary policy of publication. documents of varied nature and level are reproduced in outside. such documents include research reports, teaching material conference ...
    • Location of health services 

      Adel-Aziz, Medhat (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1981-10-01)
      There is a wide spread belief that precise in sight and the use of effective techniques in the organization implementation, and evaluation of health services, is essential if higher standards of health care are to be ...
    • Long-Term Manpower planning research: estimates for cost of proposed Education plan for the period 1960-1985. (based on results of 

      Rofail, Salib.; Hamdy, Mostafa.; Khalil, Mahmoud. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-05-27)
      the objective of this paper is to work out estimate for the cost of development in education facilities as presented in memo. no. 325, the cost of this education plan as id develops throughout the plan period, serves to ...
    • Macroeconomic implication of food subsides in Egypt 

      Sakr, Ahmed Saker (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1981-11-01)
      This paper represents the contribution of the author in task 1 of the research on food subsidies in Egypt witch is under – taken jointly by the international food policy research institute (IFPRI) and the institute of ...
    • Manpower Planning in Egypt 

      Nassef, Abdel Fattah (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1972-01-01)
      Labor force occupies a central role in the productive process. Lands and capital are essential for production, yet it is the human factor that gives them such essential value. Hence, manpower development is a major target ...
    • manpower requirements for the U.A.R. for the period 1960-1985 

      hamdy, mostafa (the institute of national planning, 1964-05-26)
      the long term manpower planning research is carried out in the institute of national planning by a group supervised by prof. Dr. I. H. Abd El-rahman, the commissioner of industrial development, united nation N.Y. the ...
    • The meaning of capital 

      Robinson, Joan (The Institute Of National Planning., 1978-02)
      the controversies over so-called capital theory arose out of the search for a model appropriate to a modern western economy, which would allow for an analysis of accumulation and of the distribution of the net product of ...
    • A method for local and global minimization of concave function under linear consraints 

      Omar, Amani (The Institute Of National Planning., 1981-02)
      Global optimization involves solving mathematical programming problems that may have distinct local optima. In this paper, I present a method for locating a global minimum (maximum) of a concave (convex) function subjected ...
    • Methodes d Optimisation sans les Problemes Non-Lineaires de Flot et de Transport 

      Youssef, Mohamed Yehia (1979-05-01)
      L'optimisation du cout dans un problem de flot ou de transport est classique en programation lineaire, mais a ete peu etudiee lorsque le cout ent fonction non lineaire des variables. R. Beliman a donne une solution ...
    • Methods of construction of the national plan 

      Kulczycki, Arek (The Institute Of National Planning., 1978-10)
      The geographical structure of the plan shows the place of production of a given commodity, a planet, a town, a district, a country, a group of countries etc.
    • A model for distribution of resources in multi-projects 

      Abdel Rahman, Yehia (The Institute of National Planning, 1989-03)
      One of the common problems which faces a production or a construction firm, is to distribute its resources on its different projects. There will be no problem, if the resources were enough to cover the needs of all projecie. ...
    • A model for the integration of health and nutrition planning 

      Correa, Hector; Hassouna, Wafik A. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1978-03)
      I numerous applications of mathematical techniques for decision-making to the administration of health facilities are available, covering a wide variety of questions dealing with localisation of health care facilities, use ...

      Frisch, Ragnar. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-12)
      Dr. Nazih Deif of the ministry of national planning and Dr Salah Hamid of the institute of national planning have cooperated on an analysis of the investment requirements that are due to a given time shape of current final ...
    • a model to develop Egyptian agriculture to solve the problem of unemployment and low per capital income in Egyptian agriculture 

      arman, I. M. I. (The institute of national planning., 1982-01)
      this paper describes research into an optimization model for Egyptian agriculture using computerized linear programming techniques which could greatly increase labour absorption,whilst requiring very little capital, and ...
    • monetary theories of interest in the sixties:a survey 

      al-jarhi, mabid ali (the institute of national planning, 1975-12)
      during the last decade,monetary theories of interest continued to develop into two main parts. one is the theory of the rate of interest. another is the theoretical and empirical controversy over the term structure of ...

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