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    • Evaluating the lightweight Currency System using the probabilistic Checking PRISM 

      Helmi El Rayes, Amani (معهد التخطيط القومى, 2006-03)
      Electronic commerce is one if the major factors in the evolution of the internet. It increases the possibility for private companies or individuals to trade with each other. Information plays a major role in such global ...
    • evaluation of investment efficiency in czechoslovakia 

      srein, zdenek (the institute of national planning, 1976-11)
      evaluation of investment projects is one of the essential elements of investment planning. criteria and methodology applied significantly influence the decision-making of all the institutions involved in investment ...
    • An exact Branch-and-Bound procedure for the quadratic assignment problem 

      Bazaraa, Mokhtar S.; Elshafei, Alwalid N. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1979-09)
      The quadratic-assignment problem is a difficult combinatorial problem which still remains unsolved. In this study, an exact branch-and-bound procedure, which is able to produce optimal solutions for problems with twelve ...
    • an exercise into frictional economic 

      al-jarhi, mabid ali (the institute of national planning, 1975-09)
      this dissertation investigates the question of the optimal supply of money through attempting to investigate the choice of the goods used as money as well as the quantities held of these good. as a means to achieve this ...
    • the experience of socialist countries (especially of czechoslovakia) with monetary planning from aspect of savings 

      petrivalsky, ing. (the institute of national planning, 1975-05)
      all the socialist countries have gained a lot of experience in monetary planning and to a certain degree in planning of savings. at the same account there are some specific features of the development in monetary sphere ...
    • experimental optimization by stimulation technique 

      khopshid, motaz (The Institute Of National Planning., 1982-03)
      the attractive features that computer simulation offers, have encourage operation researchers and statisticians to improve its practice through the use of various statistical techniques to analyse the obtained results.
    • Expert systems 

      El Daoushy, Abdalla (The Institute of National Planning, 1993-09)
      At present, the most important application areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be centered on knowledge engineering. and ,more particularly, on Expert Systems (ESs). Today, ESs are used in business, science, ...
    • An extension of blach's optimum savings model. 

      A. qayum (The institute of national planning., 1964-02-23)
      In a recent article j. black has tried to reconstruct ramsey theory of savings. the purpose of this note is to extend black's logic to a firmer premise.
    • feasibility appraisal of damietta port project 

      farahat, A. M. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1984-02)
      As a result of the congestion-problem in.the Egyptian ports and the identified need for additional port capacities, the Ministry of Development and New Communities on behalf of the Egyptian Government, has requested in ...
    • fife model in french planning 

      ullmo, bernard (the institute of national planning, 1976-04)
      the word mixed economy applies only partly to the french to the situation: for the productive sector is mostly operating under the general conditions of a free competitive system, as the majority of firms are private-owned ...

      Ahmed, Ahmed Hosni. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1962-08-24)
      this paper is an exercise in the analysis of saving investment account and national financial accounts in U.A.R. the objective of of the study is investigation of the pattern of financing fixed capital formation.
    • Foreign Trade Planning 

      Grote, Gerhard (The Institute Of National Planning., 1978-04)
      Economic growth, equilibrium and effectivity of the economy as a whole are to a high extent influenced by the development of volume and structure of foreign trade. For this planning export and import as a part of national ...
    • The Formulation of a Gross Financial Stocks Interrelation Matrix of Egypt 

      korayem, karima (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1977-05-01)
      In any economy, one may differentiate between real and financial flows. The former represent the production of goods and services whereas the latter represent changes in the financial assets existent in the economy. In ...
    • the fourth long-term training program 

      Unknown author (the institute of national planning, 1964-08)
      - basic and derived criteria for evaluation. - measurement of direct and indirect effects. - the use of accounting prices - data needed for project appraisal
    • full description of a convex polyhedron 

      omar, amani (the institute of national planning, 1976-09)
      programming problem have first arisen in the economics where optimal allocation of scarce resources has long been of interest to-economists. the optimal allocation problem is one of the oldest problem in formal economic ...
    • The generation of all efficient extreme points for a multiple objective linear program 

      Omar, Amani (The Institute Of National Planning., 1980-06)
      It has frequently been argued that the traditional approximation of multiple goals of the decision models by a single crition is either inappropriate or incorrect. In reality, decision situation is characterized by a series ...
    • Genetic Algorithms and programming Introducing the Concept and Domain of Applications 

      ElKafrawy, M.; Ismail, I.A. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 2010-07)
      On these notes we introduce the most important modern methods that are in use today. These notes comprise some applications to the genetic algorithms together with the written programs for each of these applications.
    • A geometrical proof for the duality theorem in linear programming 

      El-Kafrawy, M. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1980-07)
      In surveying the literature which has been written since 1945, the year when Herbert A. Simon's Administrative Behavior was first edited, it becomes apparent that there is a linkup between Simon's theory and empirical ...
    • government policies and the labour market in Egypt 

      korayem, karima (The Institute Of National Planning., 1984-02)
      The objective of this paper is twofold. First, to find out the government policies that have had an impact on the la-bur market ; and second , to examine these impacts by analyzing the development in the levels and Structures ...
    • the government role in development of the new industry countries 

      tourk, khairy A. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1983-02)
      Most developing nations suffer from balance of payments deficits and low rates of income growth.. Achieving simultaneous growth in income as well as improvement in the foreign sector represents one of the most difficult ...

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