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    • Technological analysis of industries 

      Engert, M. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-01-24)
      There often is, as we all know pretty well, a certain discrepancy or, say, rivalry berween economy and technique as well as between economists and engineers. even in case there is no theory whether priority should be given ...
    • Technology for development 

      Abdel Rahman, I.H. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1979-06)
      Scientific and technical capacities are highly concentrated in the presently advanced countries, which notable variations and histories of evolution in the separate countries. Initially, the main centers were in Western ...
    • a tentative list of indicators for elaborating preliminary targets and main trends of the ussr national economy development for 1976-80 in the state planning committee of the ussr 

      krylov pjetr nikiforovich (the institute of national planning, 1975-06)
      building and mastering of the production of the new highly effective machinery and equipment, and new goods.development of the new progressive technological processes.level of mechanization and automation of production processes.

      Fahmy, M. S. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1964-02-20)
      today as never before, the development of education is of prime and indispensable importance to every country in the world. ''the swift and far-reaching social changes now in progress. the enormous growth of population, ...
    • The Economic Reform Policies and their Impacts on The Balance of Payments' : Adjustment in Egypt. 

      Khalifa, Magdi. (The Institute of National Planning,, 1998)
      The balance of payments adjustment was one of the important objectives for foreign trade liberalization and economic reform policy in Egypt, because the balance of payments reflects the economic reform success. Therefore, ...
    • the theory of Money and Monetary Equilibrium in Socialist Economy - An Study in Political Economy of socialism 

      soliman, Attia (1971-11-01)
      The notion of equilibrium plays an important role in economic theory. This notion, in spite of his importance, was until the recent years – rarely used in Mexican economy.
    • Tourism as a source of foreign exchange 

      Gray, H. Peter (The Institute Of National Planning., 1978-01)
      Every developing nation will be materially assisted in its development plans if it can obtain more foreign exchange at the same terms of trade or can obtain growing amounts of foreign exchange through time without (significant) ...
    • Towards Developing an Assessment Metric for E-services: a case study Egypt 

      Nosseir, Ann (معهد التخطيط القومى, 2012-04)
      Since the mid 1980s, Egypt has realized significant growth in information and communication technology usage across different sectors in the economy. in order to generate economic development and growth.
    • Trends of Development and Some Topical Problems in Czechoslovak Agriculture 

      Lohr, V. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1974-06-01)
      Czechoslovak agriculture has been the center of attention of the whole society, especially during the last twenty-five years. Various questions were, of course, points interest of the national economic policy.
    • The trim - Loss reduction problem in industry 

      Youssef, Mohammed Yehia (The Institute of National Planning, 1988-10)
      The process of‘ finding a best way is called , "optimisation‘.'l-.lost industrial projects involve the optimization ~ of a system, such as minimizing production costs, or minimizing . the cost of achieving certain technical ...
    • The two - level planning model 

      Hamza, Abd-El-Kader; El Daoushy, Abdalla (The Institute of National Planning, 1988-10)
      Economic planning is a task that can be approached by different method and idea. As an example by the use of input-output tabie. But such input—output tables are not suited for optimiziation and is mereiy designed to achieve ...
    • unloaded duplication system with repair and preventive maintenance 

      nasr aldin, youseif; abdel hafez, adel (the institute of national planning, 1976-05)
      when we deal with the problem of finding the effect of combination of the preventive maintenance and repair to the lifetime of a two unit standby system. two policies for inspection have been considered. policy i, the ...
    • Update the transportation problem 

      Nakhla, Afaf Fouad (The Institute of National Planning, 1985-10)
      The transportation problem is of particular interest because of its economic application and its computational simplicity. The transportation problem is commonly used to describe a particular type of linear programming ...
    • Urbanization and development 

      Elahwal, Abdel Karim A. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1980-07)
      The urbanization process, known to be intimately associated with economic development, deserves attention if we are understand the recent and future mechanizes of change in developing areas. a discussion on the subject can ...
    • Urbanization and Economic Development 

      El-Nour, Mohamed H. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1973-09-01)
      The process of urbanization is now more rapid and massive than it have ever been before. This is especially true for the greater part of developing world where urbanization is over leaping. The rural urban migration of ...
    • The use general equilibrium models in medium term planning 

      Zaghloul, Fathia; Nakhla, Afaf (The Institute of National Planning, 1989-05)
      Currently developed countries required a century to industrialize. This transformation involves large and systematic shifts in the structure of production, demand, employment, investement, and trade. Developing countries ...
    • The Use of Commodity Balances in Foreign Trade Planning 

      Schumeiter, Dieter; El-Refaii, Faika; Dohia, Sayed Abdel- Aziz; Mohamed, Afer (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1971-11-01)
      This paper is outcome of a seminar discussions held by International Economic Relation Center at INP., Cairo in which time Dr. Scumeistter, from GDR was a visiting Expert at the Institute.
    • the use of policy analysis matrix in agriculture policy analysis 

      Aboul Enein, soheir; Ibrahim, Abdel-Aziz (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1994-07-01)
      The aim of this study is to demonstrate the use of the policy analysis matrix (PAM) in analyzing the impact of agricultural policies and to assess the agree to which domestic input and output prices, of agricultural ...
    • the use of the policy analysis matrix in agricultural policy analysis : a case study of crop rotations in egypt 

      aboul enein, soheir I. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1994-07)
      The increase in interest in policy analysis in recent years has arisen from the serious economic problems that faced Egypt over the past decade. These problems include severe indebtedness, acute balance of payments deficits, ...
    • The use of the policy analysis matrix in agriculture policy analysis : 

      I Aboul Enein, Soheir; Ibrahim, Abdel-Aziz (معهد التخطيط القومي., 1994-01-04)
      ​The aim of this study is to demonstrate the use of the policy analysis matrix (PAM) in analyzing the impact of agricultural policies and to assess the agree to which domestic input and output prices, of agricultural ...

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