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    • Simon's decisional framework: Its relationship to empirical research 

      Elahwal, Abdel Karim A. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1980-07)
      In surveying the literature which has been written since 1945, the year when Herbert A. Simon's Administrative Behavior was first edited, it becomes apparent that there is a linkup between Simon's theory and empirical ...
    • A Simple Financial Model on the Egyptian Economy 

      Selim, Hassan M.; Hosny, Hassan H. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1973-01-01)
      The aim of this model is to examine empirically the relationship between the real and financial sides of the Egyptian economy in its long-term economic growth. In a basic context of mutual interdependence between various ...
    • a simple method for short-term fore costing 

      struch, richard (the institute of national planning, 1976-09)
      it is well known that statistics can provide management with statistical estimations of the development in the next future. there are many methods of statistical forecasting in all countries which often require a big amount ...
    • A simulation model of the Egyptian economy with social emphasis on economic-demographic interactions 

      H. El Iissawy, Ibrahim (The Institute Of National Planning., 1977-12)
      A major objective of these studies is to assist under-developed countries in integrating more fully the population component and agriculture development programs into their development planning
    • Smeet1: A Simultaneity Model of the Egyptian Economy with Special Emphasis on Economic Demographic Interactions 

      El-Issawy, Ibrahim H.; E l-Shafeii, El-Walid N. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1977-12-01)
      The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has embarked on a series of methodological studies, under the suspicies of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) focusing on the interaction ...
    • A social accounting matrix for Egypt 

      Osman, Osman M. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1979-09)
      Data preparation and organization has always been recognized as a necessary prerequisite for development planning. Both literature and practice point out that for purposes, a social accounting matrix provides a useful ...
    • Social aspects of regional development 

      Soliman, Azza Abdel Aziz (The Institute of National Planning, 1986-09)
      It's an important to set out the major social issues that are likely to arise in planning for regional development. The term "Social aspects of regional development" has been understood to refer to the social relationships ...
    • Social Development Planning 

      Mihalik, Joseph (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1974-09-01)
    • socioeconomic aspects of economic reform policies in egypt 

      khalifa, magdi (The Institute Of National Planning., 1996-07)
      Reform initiatives in developing countries have typically taken one of two forms: repeated attempts to improve the existing system of planning and management or moving towards a market oriented system. The latter group of ...
    • solution methods for integer programming problems 

      Hamza, Abdel-Kader (The Institute Of National Planning., 1983-12)
      Integer programming is an extension of linear programming, that is to say we begin by forgetting the integer requirement and solving the problem. If the solution has all variables of the integer form, we have found an ...
    • solution methods for integer programming problems 

      Hamza, Abdel-Kader (The Institute Of National Planning., 1983-12)
      Integer programming is an extension of linear programming, that is to say we begin by forgetting the integer requirement and solving the problem. If the solution has all variables of the integer form, we have found an ...
    • Solving Salesperson Problem with Artificial Intelligence Techniques 

      El-Daoushy, Abdalla (The Institute of National Planning, 1994-03)
      Operations research (DR) problems have been solved by the well-known mathematical algorithms and the conventional programming languages such as FORTRAN, PASCAL, ...etc. This memo. is ‘concerned with solving some DR problems ...
    • some aspects of changes in world economy viewed from the hungarian angle 

      szita, janos (the institute of national planning, 1977-05)
      the deep-going changes in world economy have today come into the focus of all debates on economy. on one single occasion it is certainly not possible to discuss in detail all correlations of these changes, nor is it my ...
    • some aspects of the employment problem in the arab republic of egypt 

      mongi, mohammed A.; hanafi, mohammed N. (the institute of national planning, 1976-06)
      the problem of increasing labour absorptive capacity is not merely how to absorb the redundant labour but rather how to make the best use of the available resources, including labour. however, the whole process of employment ...
    • some experience and problems of manpower planning 

      E, sachse (the institute of national planning, 1962-01)
      As representative of a socialist country we fully support the statements of the institute of national planning Cairo , made in their fundamental background paper that the question of manpower planning has recently been ...
    • some experiences, with network schedule modelling of a cement firm 

      farahat, ahmed M. (the institute of national planning, 1977-01)
      the last few years have witnessed a large increase in the demand of cement for well known reasons. it is estimated that the size of such demand by the year 1980 will be around 10 million tons. in comparison with the total ...
    • some ideas about economic planning in developing countries 

      rudolph, johanned (the institute of national planning, 1962-01)
      in the young developing countries , having liberated themselves from colonialism and feudal restraints are existing very different colonialism that in the mentioned so-called old capitalist countries . as it has been ...
    • Some Ideas Concerning Aims, Tasks, and Principles of Organization of Spatial Planning 

      Voigtsberge, Siegfried (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1973-12-01)
      Aims, tasks and principles of organization of spatial planning are part and parcel of the social states economic policy. Therefore they can`t exist independently, but only within the framework of overall national planning ...
    • Some issues of the European Unification and their monetary impacts on the Egyptian Pound 

      Abd Elsalam, Fadia (The Institute of National Planning, 1994-02)
      The European community has made enormous progress on the road to European economic and monetary union during the last few years. One recalls the community's efforts in the so-called Werner Plan at the end of the sixties. ...
    • Some problems facing the external financial position of Egypt 

      Ismail, Yousry K. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1977-12)
      Recent development of the study of business administration is directed to the international fields such as international finance, international marketing and multinational corporations. In this research we are dealing with ...

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