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    • Recent Public Management Development in the Government of the United States of America 

      Gulick, Luther (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1972-05-01)
      It is now ten years old since I spent parts of two years trying to understand the government and managerial methods and problems of Egypt. At that time I sat at the feel of many of your most involved and dynamic revolutionary ...
    • regional economic planning. 

      Hammam, Ezz El-Din. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-06-09)
      regional planning is one of three dimensions which must be taken into consideration by the plan makers in planning for the development of resources in a country for the sake of reducing inequalities which may exist between ...
    • Regional planning as a tool of strengthening the national economy 

      Sobhy, Hoda M. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1980-09)
      The larger part of the theory of development planning has been developed without the inclusion of the element of space. The economy has been usually divided into sectors and within sectors projects, and methods of production ...
    • Regionalization as a Tool of Economic Policy 

      voigtsberger, Siegfried (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1975-02-01)
      Part two, is founded on this bases and deals with problems, raised in the process of planning and management, in particular with the relationship between the time orison of planning and regionalization with independency ...
    • Regionalization as a Tool of Economic Policy 

      voigtsberger, Siegfried (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1974-08-01)
      The topic of the study permits various approaches. The one, actuality chosen in this paper, is to analyze the social and economic factors and forces, which influence the spatial organization of the society and its economy ...
    • the relative efficiency of interest-free monetary economies 

      el-jarhy, mabid ali mohamed mahmoud (the institute of national planning, 1976-06)
      in a free market economy, interest is the of price of money. it is the price at which the "producers" of money sell their "output". since this price depends on the quantities of money supplied, its determination raises the ...
    • the representative model of economic time-series 

      kozak, josef (the institute of national planning, 1975-05)
      in the last few years i have been working with my colleagues at the institute of statistics of the prague school of economic in the field of the time-series analysis of selected economic indicators of the post-war czechoslovak ...
    • The role and organisation of the employmant service in a developing economy. 

      Unknown author (The institute of national planning., 1964-04)
      One of the subjects listed for discussion by one of the study groups at this seminar is that of "adapting empoyment exchange service to the needs for manpower planning and development.
    • The role of female extension workers in developing rural women 

      Hasanin, Mahasen Mostafa (The Institute of National Planning, 1991-10)
      Assuming that development is the ultimate goal of a continued series of qualitative and quantitative changes that take place in a given society, the aim of development is to rationalize the method which man uses to deal ...
    • the role of the price in the plan of development 

      wundelich, Warnen (1975-05-01)
      This topic comprises a great number of aspects and problems of theoretical, practical and methodical numbers nature
    • The role of the rate of exchange in the management of the socialist economy 

      Kulczycki, Marek (The Institute Of National Planning., 1978-10)
      The aim of this paper is to prove that the economic authorities which manage the socialist economy must take into consideration the level of all the parameter / searing Norma / including the rate of exchange, as well as ...
    • Simon's decisional framework: Its relationship to empirical research 

      Elahwal, Abdel Karim A. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1980-07)
      In surveying the literature which has been written since 1945, the year when Herbert A. Simon's Administrative Behavior was first edited, it becomes apparent that there is a linkup between Simon's theory and empirical ...
    • A Simple Financial Model on the Egyptian Economy 

      Selim, Hassan M.; Hosny, Hassan H. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1973-01-01)
      The aim of this model is to examine empirically the relationship between the real and financial sides of the Egyptian economy in its long-term economic growth. In a basic context of mutual interdependence between various ...
    • a simple method for short-term fore costing 

      struch, richard (the institute of national planning, 1976-09)
      it is well known that statistics can provide management with statistical estimations of the development in the next future. there are many methods of statistical forecasting in all countries which often require a big amount ...
    • A simulation model of the Egyptian economy with social emphasis on economic-demographic interactions 

      H. El Iissawy, Ibrahim (The Institute Of National Planning., 1977-12)
      A major objective of these studies is to assist under-developed countries in integrating more fully the population component and agriculture development programs into their development planning
    • Smeet1: A Simultaneity Model of the Egyptian Economy with Special Emphasis on Economic Demographic Interactions 

      El-Issawy, Ibrahim H.; E l-Shafeii, El-Walid N. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1977-12-01)
      The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has embarked on a series of methodological studies, under the suspicies of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) focusing on the interaction ...
    • A social accounting matrix for Egypt 

      Osman, Osman M. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1979-09)
      Data preparation and organization has always been recognized as a necessary prerequisite for development planning. Both literature and practice point out that for purposes, a social accounting matrix provides a useful ...
    • Social aspects of regional development 

      Soliman, Azza Abdel Aziz (The Institute of National Planning, 1986-09)
      It's an important to set out the major social issues that are likely to arise in planning for regional development. The term "Social aspects of regional development" has been understood to refer to the social relationships ...
    • Social Development Planning 

      Mihalik, Joseph (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1974-09-01)
    • socioeconomic aspects of economic reform policies in egypt 

      khalifa, magdi (The Institute Of National Planning., 1996-07)
      Reform initiatives in developing countries have typically taken one of two forms: repeated attempts to improve the existing system of planning and management or moving towards a market oriented system. The latter group of ...

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