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    • The objectives. machinery and methodology of manpower planning. 

      F. H. Harbison (The institute of national planning., 1964-04)
      This paper deals with three aspects of manpower of human resource development planning. it stresses in particular the problems of newly developing countries with partially planned economies.
    • On a multiobjective transportation problem 

      Omar, Amani (The Institute Of National Planning., 1981-04)
      For some practical problems, the conventional transportation problem which usually minimizes only the total cost of transportation, become of no benefit to the real situation. For example, high way motor carriers, although ...
    • On Solving the Capacitated Facilities Location Problem with Concave Cost Functions 

      E l-Shafeii, Al - Walid N. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1975-01-01)
      The problem of location central facilities on a network has recently received considerable interest. In part I of this paper on search procedure which is designed for problems in which there are economics of scale, capacity ...
    • on the duplication system with repair and preventive maintenance 

      mohamed, yousif nasr aldin (the institute of national planning, 1975-10)
      two policies for inspection have been considered. in policy i, the operative unit undergoes inspection when its inspection time comes, only if the other unit is in standby state, which will continue the job of the main unit
    • on the feasibility range of the convex optimization problem with parameters in the right hand side of the convex restrictions. the dislocations problem as a convex optimization problem 

      El-kafrawy, M. (the institute of national planning, 1975-06)
      the theories of linear parametric optimization developed in the last few years very fast, as well as their connections with the research on the stability of the linear optimization problems approach the following main ...
    • On the reduction of LP problem 

      Nykowski, Ireneusz (The Institute Of National Planning., 1978-10)
      And during computational procedure LP problems reduction prior to optimal solutions finding/is discussed in this paper. So, the notions of redundant constraints conditionally redundant constraint and conditionally redundant ...
    • On the use of fictitious bounds in tree search algorithms 

      Bazraa, Mokhtar S.; Elshafei, Alwalid N. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1977-12)
      Tree search algorithms for a minimization problem can be classified under two major categories. the first (breadth) category attempts to search the tree by branching from the node with the smallest lower bound. This serves ...
    • Optimal and approximate ordering in solving investory problems 

      Hamza, Abdel-Kader (The Institute Of National Planning., 1979-03)
      Since the development of the original lot- size inventory model in 1915. many researches was done analysis mathematical models for describing ordering policies for one or more products invariably. it was assumed implicitly ...
    • The optimum production rate in "vehicle fleet scheduling" problems 

      Abdel Rahman, Mohammed Yehia (The Institute of National Planning, 1989-01)
      The well known V.F.S problems became one of the classical problems under the assumption that the quantities which were found at the production pointSare fixed and do not depend on time. ' This paper aims at remodifying ...
    • optimum sample size for estimating dura crop yield rate in sudan 

      abdel-razek, A. H.; hassan, abdel-azim (the institute of national planning, 1976)
      the sudan is predominantly an agricultural country, agriculture is the main sector of its economy and its principal source of foreign exchange the government is building up most of its social and economical development ...
    • outline of course operation research techniques & investment criterion 

      El-tigi, A.S.A. (the institute of national planning, 1964-05)
      the purpose of this course is to train the participants to use quantitative methods of appraisal rather than ad hoc methods of evaluation. whatever criterion to be used in designing the order of investment priorities, the ...
    • output-productivity and value added productivity 

      hansem, bent (the institute of national planning, 1962-03-14)
      the physical volume of production of a sector has to be measured by means of a production index ,depending upon how the concept of production is defined, a production index may be an output -index or a real value added-index .
    • P E R T \ C P M 

      Abdalla, El - Daoushy (The Institute of National Planning, 1988-03)
      A few years ago, we carried out a large-scale project (construction of bridge) with PERT\CPM technique (we call it Activity-on-arrow Approach).
    • PERT \ CPM techniques in planning and monitoring some agriculture projects 

      El-daoushy, Abdalla (The Institute of National Planning, 1988-03)
      This paper aims at providing the reader with the applications of Network Analysis Techniques to planning in general and to the Agricultural sector in particular. n it also aims to treat the lack of essential details ( ...
    • philosophy, practice, and some problems of priority of regional cooperation 

      moustafa, ahmed moustafa (The Institute Of National Planning., 1984-03)
      The complicated, sensitive, and interrelated global economic. political, and social systems which underpin modern societies are hardly governable at present; and that they will maintain so unless and until, on the one hand, ...
    • plan indicators of improvement of people's living standard and methods of elaboration of most important indicators thereof 

      yanvarev, V. A. (the institute of national planning, 1975-05)
      improvement of people's living standard is the major goal of socialist production development. this goal is reflected in a number of state plan sections and foremost in the aggregate plan section on improvement of people's ...
    • Planning and Necessary Changes 

      Abdel Moula, El-sayed (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1973-03-01)
      Planning of national development has become widespread: all the third world countries, since the second world war and since the achievement of independence.
    • planning financial flows in the egyption banking sector 

      nassef, el sayed (the institute of national planning, 1976-08)
      the egyptian banking sector was completely nationalized in 1961. a search is going on to establish the sector's mode of operation under the new circumstances. resources mobilized and created by banks are to be utilized to ...
    • planning in hungary 

      morva, tamas (the institute of national planning, 1977-05)
      the postwar result of the hungarian economy are closely linked to the development of national planning. the first three-year plan guided the reconstruction of the economy it repaired war damage and regained the prewar level ...
    • planning in the U.A.R. in agriculture 

      hammam, ezz el din (the institute of national planning, 1962-04-05)
      in the previous paper 1 i have tried to give a brief idea about agriculture in the U.A.R. at various stages within the period of the last twenty years. mention was made to condition which existed in agriculture before 1952, ...

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