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    • a developed simplex algorithm for solving transportation problem 

      Hamza, Abdel-Kader (The Institute Of National Planning., 1984-01)
      As an economic interpretation of the linear programming model encompassing a wide variety of applications is the following. The modeled system includes several activities which shares limited resources. The objective of ...
    • Development and the international order selected papers 

      Abdalla, Ismail Sabri (The Institute Of National Planning., 1977-10)
      Invited to speak about development planning in a seminar devoted to "survey for development", I felt embarresed. It was out of question to lecture such a distinguished audience about what development planning is and how ...
    • The Development of Economic Policy in the in the German Democratic Republic 

      voigtsberger, Siegfried; Wundelich, Warnen (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1974-12-01)
      The University of Economic in Berlin and The Institute of National Planning era tied to each other by many strings of mutual cooperation and friendship, it can be nothing but useful to know more each other. This memory ...
    • the econometric approach to studying business cycles: the general model and spectral analysis 

      el-jarhy, mabid ali mohamed mahmoud (the institute of national planning, 1976-08)
      the econometric approach includes the simultaneous equation model approach, and the use of spectral analysis in studying economic fluctuation. the latter approach is discussed below, and this part takes up the former one.
    • Economic and Statistical Consideration in the Formulation f Engle Curve 

      El-Giballi, Azza (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1972-10-01)
      One of the basic results to be derived from an analysis of family budget data is the relationship between expenditure on a particular item and income. This relationship is generally termed an Engel Curve
    • An Economic Data Base in a Social Accounting Frame Work 

      khorshed, Motaz; Higazy, Osman (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1982-10-01)
      The purpose of this paper is two fold. First to describe the design and management of a data base for the Egyptian economy. Second, to explain how to stared information I retrieved in a way to serve different modeling ...
    • an economic date base in a social accounting frame work 

      khorashed, notaz; higazy, osman (The Institute Of National Planning., 1982-10)
      A social unaccommodating (SAM) provider systematic and consistent way of identifying the initial conditions which exist in an economy. It allows also a better understanding of the major linkages in an economy for purposes ...
    • Economic Efficiency and Resource Productivity on Small Broiller Farms in Saudi Arabi 

      Risk, Mohamed M. (The Institute of National Planning, 1992-05)
      Increasing attention has been focused upon resource Productivity and adjustment problems of agriculture during recent years in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia; more foods have to be produced each year to satisfy the increasing ...
    • economic growth and industrial development policy 

      roman, zoltan (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1997-05-01)
      The high rate of economic growth is perhaps the most general economic-political objective common probably to all countries. It is evidently not the only objective it is often coupled with other economic and social aims ...
    • Economic integration among socialist countries 

      Grote, Gerhard (The Institute Of National Planning., 1979-03)
      Increasing internationalization of the economic life is one of the phenomena of the economic development in the second half of this century, resulting above all from necessities of the scientific-technical revolution and ...
    • Economic Integration and foreign trade the case of CMEA 

      Grote, Gerhard (The Institute Of National Planning., 1979-12)
      Increasing internationalization of the economic life is one of the phenomena of the economic development in the second half of this century; growth rates of foreign trade, exceeding by far growth rates of national income ...
    • Economic Reform in Egypt 

      Abd-El-Hai, Mahmoud M. (The Institute of National Planning, 1993-06)
      The economic reform in which Egypt is now involved may be described as a determined action looking for solutions to many accumulated Solon-economic problems.
    • Economic Reform in Egypt 

      Abd-el-Hai, mahmoud (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1993-06-01)
      This paper was presented in the join in seminar on the “Economic Reform, structural adjustment and economic development” organized by the Institute of National Planning and the Warsaw schools of economics with collaboration ...
    • the economic reform policies and their impacts on the balance of payments adjustment in Egypt 

      khalifa, magdi (The institute of national planning., 1998-12)
      The Egyptian economy is undergoing comprehensive economic reforms , the Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Program (ERSAP) was formulated in November 1989 , but the actual implementation began in March 1990.
    • economies of scale in the Egyptian industry 

      nassef, el sayed (the institute of national planning, 1982-01)
      the aim of this paper is to apply the concept of economies of scale to the Egyptian industry. three activities were selected: textiles, steel,and fertilizers. for these same industrial activities, we have tried, in a ...
    • economy of education 

      Kamiac, Andre J (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1975-05-01)
      So far, in the phases of development of human society, education played mostly a human -cultural function and so it has for long been considered in the exclusive domain pedagogists. Apart from pedagogical science the other ...
    • An economy wide model for simulating the behaviour of the Egyptian economy 

      Khorshid, Motaz; Osman, Osman M. (1986-07)
      In this paper we formulate and implement an economywide model, based on the social accounting framwork, for analyzing the performance of the Egyptian economy in the medium term.
    • education, educational planning in the developing countries 

      mandi, peter (the institute of national planning, 1977-05)
      the economics of education achieved the status of science as a result of the realization that the quality of manpower had grown into an important economic factor. as the quality of manpower is determined by the vocational ...
    • The effects of changes in Location of Production on A.R.E. 

      El-Ganzouri, Kamal (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1972-04-01)
      In last two decades, there has been a substantial increase the yield per feddan of some major crops in A.R.E. For instance the average cotton yield per feddan of 1965-1969 was 60% that of 1935-1939
    • The Egyptian economy and the poor in the eighties 

      korayem, karima (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1991-12-01)
      The present economic structure in the eighties which we shall focus upon in our description is not outcome of one form of economic structure that developed over the years, with it’s up and down. But it is offspring of ...

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