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    • choice of technology 

      singer, H.W.; hagemajer, W. (the institute of national planning, 1962-01)
      the discussion of this problem played an important role in the discussions of the conference. it was realised that it is closely linked with the important objectives in growth - the more emphasis on employment , the more ...
    • Comparative advantages in foreign trade 

      Grote, Gerhard (The Institute Of National Planning., 1980-02)
      The world economy, since the early fifties, has been characterized, among other things, by an increasing role of the international division of Labour. Resulting from the growing internationalization of the economic life ...
    • A comparative analysis of some methods for solving quadratic programming problems 

      Zaghloul, Fathia; Zolfa, Shalabi (The Institute of National Planning, 1988-02)
      The problem of quadratic programming is that of minimizing a convex function subject linear constraints. It is one of the simplest cases of nonlinear programming.
    • Compromise solutions in multiobjective linear programming problems 

      Nykowski, I.J. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1978-10)
      This paper discusses some problems of multiple objective linear programming /MOLP/ solving and MOLP optimal solutions finding. MOLP model is formulated as in /8/. After concise MOLP historical review the problem definition ...
    • computer package programs for mathematical programming techniques to solve linear programming models 

      el-daoushy, abdalla (The Institute Of National Planning., 1984-01)
      In developing the simplex algorithm, G. Daunting made use of the classical Gauss-Jordan elimination method which is families to anyone solved a system of linear equations. 'The key idealistic a multiple of one equation and ...
    • Computers in designing an optimal pipeline networks 

      Abdel Rahman, Yehia (The Institute of National Planning, 1989-05)
      Pipeline networks is an essential and illlpOI‘tdllt Factor in our domestic economy. Its importance arises from the fact that, transportation by pipes is the modest and cheapest mode of transport. The discoveries of gas and ...
    • Conditions and methods of investment projects evaluation in the economy of developing countries 

      Muller, Alexander (The Institute Of National Planning., 1978-10)
      The problem of new investment projects evaluation in developing countries is one of the most difficult economic problems in the sphere of theory and practice of development of those countries.

      Kheir El-Dine, H.; Hansen, B. (supervisor).; Hosny, A. (supervisor). (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-10)
      During the last few years, the problem of development and inflation has been given much attention. the most important arguments for a certain degree of inflation as prerequisite for development .
    • Crisis of compromise on some issues of international order and third world problems 

      Moustafa, Moustafa Ahmed (The Institute of National Planning, 1987-09)
      The subject of this paper is in fact a trial to reassess three related sub-subject to "international order" and third world. The first is concerning and entitled "peace and Arms.
    • a critique of Capitalist Strategy for Agricultural Development 

      Issawy, I.H. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1973-07-01)
      The performance of agriculture in the last two decades has been very poor in the most under developed countries
    • a developed simplex algorithm for solving transportation problem 

      Hamza, Abdel-Kader (The Institute Of National Planning., 1984-01)
      As an economic interpretation of the linear programming model encompassing a wide variety of applications is the following. The modeled system includes several activities which shares limited resources. The objective of ...
    • Development and the international order selected papers 

      Abdalla, Ismail Sabri (The Institute Of National Planning., 1977-10)
      Invited to speak about development planning in a seminar devoted to "survey for development", I felt embarresed. It was out of question to lecture such a distinguished audience about what development planning is and how ...
    • The Development of Economic Policy in the in the German Democratic Republic 

      voigtsberger, Siegfried; Wundelich, Warnen (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1974-12-01)
      The University of Economic in Berlin and The Institute of National Planning era tied to each other by many strings of mutual cooperation and friendship, it can be nothing but useful to know more each other. This memory ...
    • the econometric approach to studying business cycles: the general model and spectral analysis 

      el-jarhy, mabid ali mohamed mahmoud (the institute of national planning, 1976-08)
      the econometric approach includes the simultaneous equation model approach, and the use of spectral analysis in studying economic fluctuation. the latter approach is discussed below, and this part takes up the former one.
    • Economic and Statistical Consideration in the Formulation f Engle Curve 

      El-Giballi, Azza (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1972-10-01)
      One of the basic results to be derived from an analysis of family budget data is the relationship between expenditure on a particular item and income. This relationship is generally termed an Engel Curve
    • An Economic Data Base in a Social Accounting Frame Work 

      khorshed, Motaz; Higazy, Osman (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1982-10-01)
      The purpose of this paper is two fold. First to describe the design and management of a data base for the Egyptian economy. Second, to explain how to stared information I retrieved in a way to serve different modeling ...
    • an economic date base in a social accounting frame work 

      khorashed, notaz; higazy, osman (The Institute Of National Planning., 1982-10)
      A social unaccommodating (SAM) provider systematic and consistent way of identifying the initial conditions which exist in an economy. It allows also a better understanding of the major linkages in an economy for purposes ...
    • Economic Efficiency and Resource Productivity on Small Broiller Farms in Saudi Arabi 

      Risk, Mohamed M. (The Institute of National Planning, 1992-05)
      Increasing attention has been focused upon resource Productivity and adjustment problems of agriculture during recent years in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia; more foods have to be produced each year to satisfy the increasing ...
    • economic growth and industrial development policy 

      roman, zoltan (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1997-05-01)
      The high rate of economic growth is perhaps the most general economic-political objective common probably to all countries. It is evidently not the only objective it is often coupled with other economic and social aims ...
    • Economic integration among socialist countries 

      Grote, Gerhard (The Institute Of National Planning., 1979-03)
      Increasing internationalization of the economic life is one of the phenomena of the economic development in the second half of this century, resulting above all from necessities of the scientific-technical revolution and ...

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