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    • Annotated bibliography on investment criteria for economic development of under-developed economies. 

      Khalid, R. O. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1966-07)
      the main purpose if this paper is to ''bridge the gap between theory and practice '' and ''to seek a workable method of formulating and testing investment programmes in under-developed areas''.
    • Interpretation of quality of Linear Programming: on some Economic problems. 

      Eid, Moh. Sadek (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-10-26)
      Usually, linear programming problems are in the form of maximizing or minimizing an objective function under certain restrictions. such maximum and minimum problems occur frequently in many branches of pure and applied ...
    • the interrelation of social and economic development and the problem of ''balance''. 

      Hamza, M. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-05-28)
      the social trends often merge with economic trends. in fact, the separation between the ''social'' and the ''economic'' is often and artifact of academic analysis and government departmentalization, analysis or administration, ...
    • List of publications issued by the I.N.P.C. 

      the technical office. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-06-01)
      the institution of national planning has adopted a temporary policy of publication. documents of varied nature and level are reproduced in outside. such documents include research reports, teaching material conference ...

      Dajani, Said. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1962-08-24)
      the Jordan government statistical department has recently decided to undertake a study of the national income for the year 1959 and for earlier years if it proves possible to obtain sufficiently reliable data.
    • regional economic planning. 

      Hammam, Ezz El-Din. (The Institute Of National Planning., 1963-06-09)
      regional planning is one of three dimensions which must be taken into consideration by the plan makers in planning for the development of resources in a country for the sake of reducing inequalities which may exist between ...

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