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    • agriculture versus industrialisation 

      khalid, R.O. (the institute of national planning, 1962-07-07)
      a large body of opinion in under developed nations and some economists tend to regard industrialisation as the key to and the measure of economic development; their desire for industry stems from the apparent correlation ...
    • a critique of Capitalist Strategy for Agricultural Development 

      Issawy, I.H. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1973-07-01)
      The performance of agriculture in the last two decades has been very poor in the most under developed countries
    • Industrialization and organisation in Hungarian agriculture 

      fekete, fereng (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1997-05-01)
      The present paper surveys the new phenomena accurred in course of the last on-and-a-half decades within the development of Hungarian agriculture concerning many aspects
    • a model to develop Egyptian agriculture to solve the problem of unemployment and low per capital income in Egyptian agriculture 

      arman, I. M. I. (The institute of national planning., 1982-01)
      this paper describes research into an optimization model for Egyptian agriculture using computerized linear programming techniques which could greatly increase labour absorption,whilst requiring very little capital, and ...
    • nutritional requirements of a selected group of workers and their realization in industrial feeding 

      el asfhani, aida mohamed (the institute of national planning, 1977-10)
      it can be concluded that the type of food consumption of the particular group is actually in agreement with the food consumption pattern of the chose group. furthermore, the problem of an adequate diet lies not so much in ...
    • optimum sample size for estimating dura crop yield rate in sudan 

      abdel-razek, A. H.; hassan, abdel-azim (the institute of national planning, 1976)
      the sudan is predominantly an agricultural country, agriculture is the main sector of its economy and its principal source of foreign exchange the government is building up most of its social and economical development ...
    • planning in hungary 

      morva, tamas (the institute of national planning, 1977-05)
      the postwar result of the hungarian economy are closely linked to the development of national planning. the first three-year plan guided the reconstruction of the economy it repaired war damage and regained the prewar level ...
    • planning in the U.A.R. in agriculture 

      hammam, ezz el din (the institute of national planning, 1962-04-05)
      in the previous paper 1 i have tried to give a brief idea about agriculture in the U.A.R. at various stages within the period of the last twenty years. mention was made to condition which existed in agriculture before 1952, ...
    • a programming approach the problem of supply response 

      zaytoun, mohaya A. (the institute of national planning, 1975-08)
      the majority of empirical studies of agricultural supply response oan be classified into two broad categories according to the technique used in the analysis. the first category includes studies using econometric techniques ...
    • Trends of Development and Some Topical Problems in Czechoslovak Agriculture 

      Lohr, V. (معهد التخطيط القومى, 1974-06-01)
      Czechoslovak agriculture has been the center of attention of the whole society, especially during the last twenty-five years. Various questions were, of course, points interest of the national economic policy.

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